About Us

„Góra” chemical plants were set up in 1994. This is a 100% Polish company that cooperates with Polish deliverers.


The main purpose of our company is the production of cleaning and disinfecting preparations of high quality, which suit the needs of all food industry branches and gastronomy.


Not only comprises our offer very- highly foaming preparations, but no foaming liquids for pressure and tunel washers, and for dish- washing maschines as well.


We also offer products of differential pH: from strong acid preparations designed to remove mineral sediment or neutral liquids for hand- washing to degreasing alkaline products.


Our company has a long- term experience in this industry. Keeping up with different trends and with the technological development enables us to systematically actulize offers and modify them so that they suit the needs of the constantly changing market. Our products can be described as modern and efficient. Due to the fact that we take a great care of the environment, all detergents used by our company are fully biodegradable.


We are focused on suiting the needs of our clients. This is why we treat them individually. In order to satisfy each and every client, we can modify our offer so that it implements their requirements. There is also a possibility of preparing products for a specific, one- off use.


Owing to the wide range of different products, high quality and attractive prices, our preparations can be applied to bakeries, confectionaries, meat and food industries, gastronomy and hotels, breweries and milk processing plants.