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We use in our bakery preparations for cleaning and disinfecting produced by “Góra” chemical plants. This enabled us to reduce costs HACCP system functioning and lowered unit costs of cleaning and disinfecting with the maintenance of high hygiene standards

Specialist in HACCP system in bakery

Cleaning and disinfecting liquids prepared by “Góra” chemical plants can be characterized by good cleaning properties and fully satisfy our requirements. Especially important to us is the possibility of using preparations of high quality at moderate prices

Technologist from a meat processing plant

We recommend “Góra” chemical plants as a reliable deliverer of high quality products who is always ready to give professional advice as regards choice or individual adjustment and use of cleaning products

Specialist in HACCP system in confectionery

Cooperation with “Góra” chemical plants proceeds without reservation. This is why we can recommend this company as a reliable deliverer of high quality chemical products available at moderate prices

Producer of equipment for food industry