Privacy Policy

General information

„Góra” chemical plants reserve the right to enforce changes in the privacy Policy. Every client of „gora” chemical plants and the User of this service is obliged to follow the current privacy Policy displayed on the hereby website.

Any changes, however, do not influence one Basic rule:

„Góra” chemical plants do not sell or provide access to personal data or adresses of the clients/ users of our services to any third party. (Excepting eligible state agenies)

By the term „personal data” we understand: the name of your company, the owner’s surname and the names of people cooperating with our company, adresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, tax identification number and Company Registration Office.

If you do not agree with the privacy Policy, please do not visit services that belong to „gora” chemical plants or do not buy products or services offered by our company.

Personal data

When using one of the ‘gora’ chemical plants services, you may be asked to provide us with information considering your personal data by filling a formular or in any other way.
In case of ordering formulars , you will be asked to give full personal information. We require only the information that is inevitable to the proper operation of our service. If you refuse to provide us with The requested personal information, any action that needs them will be blocked.


The registration to an Internet service implies the agreement to use the selected personal data, especially an e-mail adress that is needed to send information about current affairs connected with „gora” chemical plants offers.

If you wish to resign from receiving the mentioned e- mails, fill the box in section ‘Offers/ newsletter’ with your e- mail adress, to which you receive our offer, or write it on our homepage and click „resign”.

„Gora” chemical plants reserve the right to send unexpected information to people whose telephone numbers or adresses posses and who agree with the privacy Policy.
By the term:”unexpected information”, „gora chemical plants understand: information strictly connected to its services and products (e.g. changes in safety data sheet, internal promotions), noncommercial letters (e.g. wishes, personal comments,etc.)

Commercial information is filtrated as acurate as possibile and its size is limited. It is sent sporadically.


Some of the areas of services that belong to „gora” chemical plants may be used by Cookies (small text files sent to the net surfer’s computer and indentifying it in order to simplify or discontinue a certain operation. Cookies are not harmful neither for the computer, nor for its users or their personal data. Cookies work properly if accepted by a Browser and if not removed form a disc.